January 08, 2018

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The council meeting was called to order by Mayor Struck at 5:30 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present: Councilor Buchanan, Councilor Williams, Councilor Neve, Councilor Davis, Councilor Little, Police Chief Eastham, City Supervisor Houk and Clerk/Treasurer Roberts.


A motion was made by Councilor Neve to approve the Agenda, Consent Agenda and the minutes of the December 11, 2017 regular meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilor Williams. Vote: Ayes-5, Noes-0, Absent-0

Vendors – Check #43657 thru Check #43739 - $192,528.61 (Check #43696 thru #43697 Voided)

Payroll - Check #24366 thru Check #24383 - $107,683.99 Including Direct Deposit


The council and staff were given an invitation from Valley View Health Center. They will be celebrating the completion of the remodeling project of their Raymond Clinic on Wednesday, January 24th from 4:30-6:00 pm. There will be refreshments and tours of the newly remodeled space.


Clerk/Treasurer Roberts presented Ordinance #1530 – 2017 Budget Amendment and explained that this was due to the last minute interfund loan to cover the purchase of the garbage truck. Councilor Neve made a motion accepting Ordinance #1530 – 2017 Budget Amendment as presented with one reading only. The motion was seconded by Councilor Little. Vote: Ayes-5, Noes-0, Absent-0


Prior to Parks Caretaker Dave Williams addressing the council Councilor Williams stepped out of the council chambers to avoid a conflict of interest. (Mr. Williams is the parks caretaker and works under contract for the City of South Bend. His current contract is up for renewal for 2018.) Mr. Williams provided a handout to the council and staff showing what the former parks caretaker duties were and what his current duties entail. Based on those duties he requested an increase of $200.00 per month to his contract. Discussion followed including the need for the parks caretaker trailer, the expenses included as part of the parks caretaker contract, i.e. phone, utilities, power and housing. Clerk/Treasurer Roberts reminded the council that an increase in the contract was not budgeted for 2018 so if they decided to increase the contract they would need to look at the parks budget and decide where to cut $2,400 to allow for that increase. Following further discussion Councilor Neve made a motion to table the Parks Caretaker Contract until the January 22, 2108 meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilor Little. Vote: Ayes-4, Noes-0, Absent-0, Absention-1
(Ayes – Councilor Buchanan, Councilor Neve, Councilor Davis, Councilor Little and Abstention – Councilor Williams)


Councilor Williams made a motion to approve the following 2018 Service Contracts as presents: Municipal Court Judge, Public Defender, Prosecuting Attorney, Custodian-City Hall/Fire Hall, City Supervisor/Building Inspector, Clerk/Treasurer and Police Chief. The motion was seconded by Councilor Neve. Vote: Ayes-5, Noes-0, Absent-0



  • Police Chief Eastham gave a brief update of his department since the last council meeting which included another juvenile sexual assault. There is a warrant for the suspects arrest, he knows that he is wanted and is on the run. Police Chief Eastham noted that Sergeant Stigall and Officer Gonzalez have done an excellent and thorough job on the case so far – there is still a great deal of work left to do. Since 2015 his department has made 5 sexual assault arrests that has included over 20 victims.
  • City Supervisor Houk reported that the Transportation Improvement Board grant (TIB) that the city was recently awarded includes a small section of sidewalk repair that City Supervisor Houk was unaware of until recently. The sidewalk from Central Avenue to Willapa Avenue along Highway 101 (south side) will be fixed. The total award for this project is $510,245.00 with a city match of $1,955.00. City Supervisor Houk advised that the design phase will be starting soon.
  • City Supervisor Houk noted that Utility Service Associates, a leak detection service was recently hired by the city to help locate leak issues as the city’s recent water loss was close to 60%. Two major leaks were found right away – each one was leaking about 200 gallons of water a minute. Since those and several other smaller leaks have been fixed the water treatment plant has actually shut down which it has not done for a very long time. This will go a long way in helping slow down the wear and tear on the plant and plant filters. There is one additional leak that is near the river crossing that has been leaking for years. City Supervisor Houk explained that the crew will start working on that repair Tuesday or Wednesday and hope to repair it “hot” to avoid any loss of pressure to the homes in Baleville. If there is any loss of pressure there will be a boil water advisory issued by the Department of Health. Councilor Neve asked about the possibility of a leak on 2nd Street near Steve Rogers house (510 W. Second Street). City Supervisor Houk explained that those are underground springs not leaks which is not necessarily a good thing, but have been around for a long time.
  • City Supervisor Houk announced that he has been in contact with LeMays to see about them providing back up if our new garbage truck should go down. So far the talks have been positive.
  • City Supervisor Houk pointed out that the garbage route went really smooth the first week. The east side was completed by 2:30 pm and the west side was done by 3:00 pm. The whole town was picked up in two days.
    • Mayor Struck asked for the council’s confirmation of Wyatt Kuiken and Aaragon Markwell to the planning commission. Councilor Neve made a motion confirming Wyatt Kuiken and Aaragon Markwell to the planning commission. The motion was seconded by Councilor Williams. Vote: Ayes-5, Noes-0, Absent-0
    • Mayor Struck requested that the council accept her recommendation of Councilor Neve as Mayor Pro Tem. Councilor Williams made a motion appointing Councilor Neve as Mayor Pro Tem for 2018. The motion was seconded by Councilor Little. Vote: Ayes-5, Noes-0, Absent-0
    • Mayor Struck presented the council with the annual council committees. After a brief discussion Councilor Williams suggested that he not be on the parks committee due to a conflict of interest. Councilor Davis proposed that she move to the parks committee and Councilor Williams take over the streets committee. Both agreed to that switch.

Mayor Struck

Chair – Streets
Chair – Public Works
Chair – Finance

Council Position #1
Daryle Buchanan

*Fire Dept.

Council Position #2
Bunny Williams


Council Position #3
Patricia Neve (Mayor Pro Tem)

*Public Works

Council Position #4
Jan Davis

*Fire Dept.
*Public Works

Council Position #5
Dale Little


  • Councilor Little thanked Police Chief Eastham for allowing him to ride along with Sergeant Stigall a few months ago. It was a great experience and appreciated – thanks Sergeant Stigall!
  • Councilor Davis is very passionate about recycling and is concerned about the loss of the recycling bins in South Bend. Clerk/Treasurer Roberts explained that she has been in contact with LeMays and they are in the process of giving the City of South Bend a quote for curbside recycling. They don’t offer drop box recycling. Clerk/Treasurer Roberts did point out that whatever the cost of that service would be would have to be passed on to the customer, but that cost is yet to be determined and would ultimately be a council decision.
  • Councilor Neve wished everyone a Happy New Year and is really looking forward to working with City Supervisor Houk as part of the Public Works Committee.
  • Councilor Buchanan announced that the Friends of the Willapa Hills Trail – Pacific County will be meeting on January 25th with the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission to discussion the proposed improvements to the Willapa Hills trail. Councilor Buchanan would like to know that the City of South Bend, particularly the council, supports this project. Mayor Struck explained that she had already sent correspondence supporting this project to the appropriate agencies/groups. Councilor Buchanan then read a letter he proposed that the council would sign and he would present at the meeting on the 25th. No decision was made by the council prior to adjournment about signing the letter.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:12 PM to meet again at 5:30 PM on Monday, January 22, 2018 for the next regularly scheduled meeting at South Bend City Hall.

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