April 9, 2018

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The council meeting was called to order by Mayor Struck at 5:30 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present: Councilor Buchanan, Councilor Williams, Councilor Neve, Councilor Davis, Councilor Little, Police Chief Eastham, City Supervisor Houk and Clerk/Treasurer Roberts.


A motion was made by Councilor Neve to approve the Agenda, Consent Agenda and the minutes of the March 26, 2018 regular meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilor Davis. Vote: Ayes-5, Noes-0, Absent-0

Vendors – Check #43972 thru Check #44014 - $50,818.25

Payroll - Check #24412 thru Check #24426 - $99,010.31 Including Direct Deposit

  1. Dale Beasley, President of the Coalition of Coastal Fisheries and Columbia River Crab Fisherman’s Association:
    Mayor Struck explained that Mr. Beasley had submitted a rather lengthy email to her and the council but it was sent to an incorrect email address which delayed its arrival. Mayor Struck proceeded to read a portion of the email which read as follows: “Please accept my sincere apology for my BIG mistake on the previous letter referencing Raymond and NOT South Bend. That mistake however do not diminish the request to oppose offshore oil drilling on the Washington Coast. You may or may not be aware of the fact that the Trump Administration is opening up most of the offshore waters in the entire United States to offshore oil drilling with its associated RISKS of a traumatic oil spill that would be particularly devastating to Pacific County which is the 4th most seafood dependent community in the nation. The people of Washington do not need nor do we want a Deepwater Horizon oil calamity on our door step. Washington has been a leader in protecting our valuable natural resources that was triggered initially by the massive Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska and at about the same time the Nestucca oil spill at Grays Harbor. Major reactions occurred in Washington that put on full display our state’s values to protect and preserve our coastal waters from such accidents; 1. The National Olympic National Marine Sanctuary which prohibits oil drilling on 60% of our coast. 2) Washington Ocean Resource Management Act which also prohibits oil drilling in state waters from 0-3 miles offshore the length of the coast back in 1989. 3. CCF entered the Grays Harbor Oil Terminal lawsuit at the Washington Supreme Court and received a 9-0 Decision against the initial Oil Terminal expansions that included ORMA in the permit process and a major victory for protecting and preserving our seafood dependent communities on the Pacific Coast of Washington, 4. Pacific County SMP prohibiting fixed structures including drilling rigs in offshore waters.” Councilor Neve noted that she felt that the next two sentences “Washington for example has the highest Mass Weather Index in the nation. In relative terms San Diego is a 10, Neah Bay is a 131” were important as well.

  2. Raymond Fire Department – Todd Strozyk
    Mayor Struck read the following letter for the record: “Mayor Struck – I would like to take this opportunity to express my department’s gratitude for the efforts of Chief Dave Eastham. On March 26th The Raymond Fire Department was dispatched to a residence in South Bend for an unconscious male. Chief Eastham, along with Pacific County Sheriff Deputy Jesse Eastham, both arrived ahead of our medic unit and began Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation on the patient, who was unconscious and not breathing. This quick response and immediate action by Chief Eastham made the difference in this patient survival. This isn’t the first time that Chief Eastham has made a difference responding to an EMS call. He routinely responds to EMS calls in South Bend and has never been afraid to jump in and get “down and dirty”. On several occasions he had stepped in doing chest compressions during cardiac arrests, assisted with moving and lifting patients and help dealing with grieving families. Chief Eastham’s efforts set the example for all emergency personnel to follow. He is a true professional and truly cares about his community. We here at the Raymond Fire Department appreciate all his help. – Todd Strozyk, Fire Chief” Mayor Struck also thanked Police Chief Eastham for a job well done. A round of applause followed.

The following citizens spoke in opposition to offshore oil drilling: Jon Burrows – 511 W. First Street, Sandy Harris – 515 Pacific, Bethany Barnard – 712 Minnesota, Stephanie Serrano – 316 Willapa, Harvest McCampbell – Raymond, Ezra McCampbell – Raymond and Key McMurry – Raymond.

Edward Horvath – Three Rivers Mosquito and Vector Control

Mr. Horvath gave a brief presentation about the city’s current mosquito program and the processes that he uses. He explained that he has been concentrating on larviciding which he feels will ultimately help control the mosquitoes better than anything, even fogging. He has treated over 400 catch basins which are huge breeding areas for mosquitoes. Mr. Horvath asked that everyone remain vigilant about removing any standing water around your property and if you have neighbors that have standing water on their property to encourage them to eliminate it. Mr. Horvath even spoke briefly about the use of drones for larviciding which he hopes to start using soon. Several questions were asked by the public including the use of bat boxes and swallows. Mr. Horvath explained the pros and cons of both. Mr. Horvath also explained which types of chemicals he uses for larviciding and for fogging. (Adulticides: Permethrin, Larvicides: Bacillus sphaericus & Bacillus thuringiensis, Catch Basins: Spinosad & Methoprene)


Prior to requesting a motion for passage of Resolution #2018-03 Mayor Struck suggested that the council take some time to discuss the resolution and how they felt about it. Mayor Struck explained that the resolution on the agenda was a scaled down version of the resolution that was passed by Pacific County. It is the same resolution that was passed by the City of Raymond. Councilor Neve expressed her desire to see more of the “original” resolution included. Councilor Buchanan explained that he just wants to get it done. Councilor Little would like to see one word changed in paragraph three from “would” to “could” and Councilor Williams felt that the city should adopt the original resolution – the one that the county passed. After further discussion Councilor Neve made a motion authorizing the passage of Resolution #2018-03 – Opposition of Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling – in the original format as was passed by Pacific County. The motion was seconded by Councilor Davis. Vote: Ayes-5, Noes-0, Absent-0


Clerk/Treasurer Roberts presented the amendment to the South Bend Council Rules and Procedures Manual. She mentioned that they can remove the pages from their packet and replace the pages in the manual so it will be up-to-date. The only change is one paragraph regarding conflict of interest. The update makes it clearer and stronger regarding conflict of interest. Councilor Neve made a motion to accept the amendment as presented. The motion was seconded by Councilor Williams. Vote: Ayes-5, Noes-0, Absent-0


Mayor Struck started the discussion explaining that there are only a few ways to increase revenue in current expense. One is to cut staff which would be pretty difficult since the city is running with limited staff now. Mayor Struck explained if it came to that the city would more than likely only be open 4 days a week. The discussion lead to the increase in taxes and what taxes are available to increase. Clerk/Treasurer Roberts explained that the city can increase the utility excise tax which is currently at 9% which is broken down as follows – 6% of water and sewer excise tax goes to current expense and 3% of water and sewer excise tax goes to the mosquito fund. All 9% of the excise tax on garbage goes to the mosquito fund. This tax has not been increased since 1992 when it went from 6% to 9% and the tax was added to garbage to fund the then new mosquito program. Discussion followed with the understanding that nothing would be resolved at this time, but that this would be an ongoing discussion so decisions could be made prior to budget season.

  • Police Chief Eastham explained that his jail budget has recently taken a real hit. He currently has someone serving 90 days @ $65 a day for his 3rd DUI. This is a mandatory jail sentence. If nothing else happens like this for the rest of the year he will be fine, but he just wanted to give the council a heads up that as things go you can’t predict what might happen.
  • City Supervisor Houk reported that the Department of Health (DOH) was recently on site and did a sanitary survey. They look at all systems. A written report will be provided within three weeks, but there was nothing critical noted while they were on site. The water treatment plant did have a pump go out the day that DOH showed up, but they had a spare one that they were able to hook up so all was fine.
  • Mayor Struck noted that Bob Hall came in and thanked the city for the rock at the boat launch. He said it looks very nice.
  • Mayor Struck announced the Dave Williams, Parks Caretaker, has been working hard at the Mill Pond for the opening day of youth fishing this weekend – April 14th from 7am – 10am. There will be food and prizes. Mayor Struck also noted that the Mill Pond will be stocked with bigger fish this year too.
  • Councilor Little asked what the rock cost for the boat launch. Clerk/Treasurer Roberts advised the cost was $746.11. Councilor Little asked if the Department of Fish and Wildlife were being good neighbors at the launch and he was advised by City Supervisor Houk that yes, things are going very well and that they are happy to let us do whatever we need to do there.
  • Councilor Davis was glad to see everyone at the council meeting and suggested that if the citizens had any ideas of ways for the city to make money to please step up and let the city know!
  • Councilor Neve reported that she has a ditch issue at W. First and “A” Street. City Supervisor Houk advised he would check it out. She advised she was also glad to see a full house at the council meeting.
  • Councilor Williams was also glad to see everyone at the meeting.
  • Councilor Buchanan explained that he picked up a copy of the Water Upgrade Report from City Supervisor Houk and that it was worth reading and will be money well spent.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 PM to meet again at 5:30 PM on Monday, April 23, 2018 for the next regularly scheduled meeting at South Bend City Hall.

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