October 22, 2018

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The council meeting was called to order by Mayor Struck at 5:30 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present: Councilor Buchanan, Councilor Williams, Councilor Neve, Councilor Davis, City Supervisor Houk, Police Chief Eastham and Clerk/Treasurer Roberts. Councilor Little was absent.


A motion was made by Councilor Neve to approve the Agenda, Consent Agenda and the minutes of the October 8, 2018 regular meeting and October 10, 2018 Budget Workshop. The motion was seconded by Councilor Williams.

During discussion Councilor Buchanan expressed his displeasure in how the minutes from the regular meeting as well as the minutes from the budget workshop were presented. He felt that they should have been changed to reflect what Clerk/Treasurer Roberts had presented to the council at the regular meeting and that the minutes should have also included some of the heated discussion that had occurred at the budget workshop. Following discussion the minutes remained unchanged.

Vote: Ayes-3, Noes-1, Absent-0 (Ayes – Councilor Williams, Councilor Neve, Councilor Davis. Noes – Councilor Buchanan)

Vendors – Check #44478 thru Check #44499 - $44,879.24




Mayor Struck opened the public hearing at 5:43 pm. Mayor Struck explained that this is the annual 1% property tax increase that the city is allowed to take each year. Many granting agencies will look to see if a city levy’s their allowed 1% each year and if cities don’t then they will be denied their grant requests. Clerk/Treasurer Roberts pointed out that the city is not increasing anyone’s property taxes, the city doesn’t have that authority. The city is only requesting an additional 1% of what is collected which amounts to $2,434 additional dollars for 2019. Citizen Diantha Weilepp at 724 E Water Street asked how much that was per person. Clerk/Treasurer Roberts advised that she didn’t know how many property tax payers there were in South Bend, but it would be an additional 1% for each of them. There were no additional comments and the public hearing was closed at 5:45 pm.


Councilor Williams made a motion to move Ordinance #1538 – Property Tax Levy to a second reading. The motion was seconded by Councilor Neve.

During discussion Councilor Buchanan doesn’t see what the rush was. The city has until the end of the year to pass the budget. He noted that there were no members of public at the budget workshop and wondered why. Mayor Struck explained that the passage of this ordinance didn’t have anything to do with the budget workshop. Councilor Buchanan again reiterated that he wanted to postpone the whole process because he didn’t feel that he got the information he needed in the budget workshop.

Vote: Ayes-3, Noes-1, Absent-0 (Ayes – Councilor Williams, Councilor Neve, Councilor Davis. Noes – Councilor Buchanan)


City Supervisor Houk presented the two-lot preliminary short subdivision for Harbor Rock, Inc. to the council. Following a brief discussion Councilor Neve made a motion to accept the Planning Commission’s recommendation to approve the Harbor Rock, Inc. application for the subdivision of Parcel #14092733041 into two lots. The motion was seconded by Councilor Williams. Vote: Ayes-4, Noes-0, Absent-0


Citizen Diantha Weilepp from 724 E Water Street reminded everyone that there would be a meeting of the Friends of the Library on Monday, November 5, 2018 at South Bend City Hall Council Chambers starting at 3pm. She encouraged everyone to attend.

Citizen Diantha Weilepp asked City Supervisor Houk if he had received an email survey from the Washington State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation and if so what he had said in the survey. City Supervisor Houk advised that he didn’t recall seeing anything from this agency.

Citizen Diantha Weilepp was curious about what the actual expenditures where for the library. There was $6,000 budgeted for revenue and $4,800 for expenditures but she would like to know what the actual amounts were. Clerk/Treasurer Roberts provided her with a 3rd quarter report for 2018.

Citizen Kate O’Neal from 806 W First Street asked that the city save the wonderful Carnegie Library building. It is the city’s responsibility.

Citizen Kate O’Neal questioned where the notices of city meetings and workshops were posted and suggested that they also be posted at the post office. Clerk/Treasurer Roberts advised that they were posted at the post office regularly until someone would remove them the day that they were posted. She will post them there again, but if they are removed the day that they are posted she will not continue to put them there. She reminded everyone that meetings – regular, special and workshops – are posted on the website and at city hall.

Citizen Chris Thompson from 211 S Jackson noted that he missed the budget workshop, but he is hoping that the council is considering budgeting more than $6,000 for the upkeep of the library because it definitely needs more like $10-$12,000 and that the council look at places to cut the budget to allow for the creation of some contingency funds.

  • Police Chief Eastham advised that it is business as usual in his department. He hopes that as Halloween approaches that parents will take that opportunity to teach their kids what crosswalks are for and how to use them correctly. Councilor Neve asked if he would be doing his usual “traffic slow down” around town and Police Chief Eastham explained that he does it every year.
  • City Supervisor Houk reported that the crew has been busy working on water leaks. It seems as each season changes there seems to be a plethora of water leaks. After a rather significate leak was fixed last weekend the water treatment plan has been shutting down which is the first time in a long time – which is a good sign that the city’s water loss is somewhat under control.
  • City Supervisor Houk announced that he has been working with South Bend Products at 237 W Robert Bush Drive and the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to establish a crosswalk near their business. Their employees cross Highway 101 in that area and it has become a traffic hazard. WSDOT has agreed to the crosswalk but the city will be responsible for the ADA ramps and the signage. City Supervisor Houk has been in discussion with management at South Bend Products and they might be willing to assist with the city’s costs associated with the crosswalk. City Supervisor Houk did note that there will probably be more crosswalks over time in that area as that section of town continues to grow. Councilor Buchanan suggested that possibly lowering the speed limit to 25 mph through town would be a solution. Police Chief Eastham advised that decision would be made by WSDOT not by the city. Councilor Buchanan suggested that the city look at lowering the speed limit in the residential areas to 20 mph too.

Mayor Struck explained that she had attended the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) Member Expo the previous week and that the City had received an award from their Risk Management Service Agency (RMSA) for having a liability claims experience drop of at least 2%. These types of awards are nice to get and will be reflected positively in the city’s experience factor when the 2019 Labor & Industry rates are published.

  • Councilor Buchanan asked Mayor Struck if the police officer that confronted him at a public meeting was warned about intimidation. After some discussion Mayor Struck and Police Chief Eastham advised they were aware of the situation. Police Chief Eastham noted that he had no comment, it was a personnel issue and that there are two sides to every story.
  • Councilor Buchanan asked about the AWC Councilmember Handbook vs the South Bend City Council Rules and Procedures Manual. Clerk/Treasurer Roberts explained that the city was requested by the State to have a council handbook in place. By reviewing many cities council procedures and then taking their best practices as well as what was most pertinent to the City of South Bend a Council Rules and Procedures Manual was created. It was not created with ANY ONE PERSON in mind. It was done as a guideline as instructed by the State. It supersedes AWC’s Councilmember Handbook because their handbook is a general “overall” guideline.
  • Councilor Williams explained that when he first took office he got into a pickle when he didn’t follow policy and approached the city crew about an issue that he thought should be fixed. At that time Mayor Struck explained to him the process as it is laid out in the Council Rules and Procedures Manual and now he knows the proper procedure as well as the does and don’ts.
  • Councilor Williams asked City Supervisor Houk if the proposed crosswalk would be lighted. City Supervisor Houk advised that as of right now it will be just a standard sidewalk because of the cost. Councilor Williams suggested that if it is at all feasible that the city should try and do a lighted one.
  • Councilor Davis suggested that the crosswalk be moved closer to The Inn. City Supervisor Houk noted that it was talked about but those involved all agreed that people would just cross the highway diagonally which would defeat the purpose of having the crosswalk. It needs to be closer to South Bend Products.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:21 PM to meet again on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 for the next regularly scheduled meeting at South Bend City Hall.

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