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The council meeting was called to order by Mayor Struck at 5:30 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present: Councilor Olsen, Councilor Williams, Councilor Neve, Councilor Webber, Councilor Hall, City Supervisor Houk, Police Chief Eastham and Clerk/Treasurer Roberts.


A motion was made by Councilor Neve to approve the Agenda, the Consent Agenda and the minutes of the November 28, 2016 regular meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilor Olsen. Vote: Ayes-5, Noes-0, Absent-0

Vendors - Check #42562 thru Check #42604 - $54,012.70

Payroll - Check #24147 thru Check #24161 including Direct Deposit - $93,098.39




Mayor Struck explained that there was a supplemental agenda that explained the process that would be used for the appointment for Council Position #1. (See November 14 and 28, 2016 council minutes) As noted on the supplemental agenda: 1. Explain Order of Events, 2. Draw Candidate Names to Determine Order of Interviews, 3. Candidate Interviews, 4. Council Recesses to Executive Session to Discuss Candidate Qualifications, 5. Reconvene Public Meeting, 6. Mark and Count Ballots, 7. Announce New Council Person and 8. Swearing In Ceremony.

Mayor Struck explained that the swearing in would be performed at this meeting since the council will not be meeting again until January 9, 2017. Councilor Olsen is not stepping down until December 31st.

The two candidates, Wyatt Kuiken and Rick Meyer, were in attendance.

Clerk/Treasurer Roberts prepared their names and Citizen Joe Brignone drew Wyatt Kuiken’s name to determine the order for interviews. Mr. Meyer stepped out while the council interviewed Mr. Kuiken. After Mr. Kuiken’s interview concluded Rick Meyer came into the council chambers and Mr. Kuiken stepped out. The council asked both candidates the same predetermined questions.

Mayor Struck and the council adjourning to Executive Session at 6:00 pm for a maximum of 10 minutes to discuss the candidate qualifications. Mayor Struck, Councilor Olsen, Councilor Williams, Councilor Neve, Councilor Webber, Councilor Hall and Clerk/Treasurer Roberts were in attendance.

Mayor Struck reconvened the meeting at 6:07 pm.

The council prepared and signed their ballots. Clerk/Treasurer Roberts and Councilor Hall tallied the votes and Clerk/Treasurer Roberts announced that Wyatt Kuiken was the new South Bend Councilor for Position #1.

Clerk/Treasurer Roberts performed the swearing in ceremony and then the council returned to their regular agenda items


Mayor Struck read the basic outline of the proposed resolution for settlement related issues at the Willapa Regional WWTF:

  1. HWA Geosciences and their insurance company will pay $1,100,000. The Cities of Raymond and South Bend will receive all proceeds from this payment. The money received will be used to pay off the loan for the decommissioning of the South Bend sewer lagoons and the balance will be placed in a separate “RWWTP Settlement Mitigation” Fund that will be monitored by the City of Raymond, City of South Bend and the Regional Wastewater Coordinating Committee.
  2. Gray & Osborne, Inc. will not be reimbursed for outstanding engineering invoices, attorney’s fees, mediation costs or expert costs related to the Willapa Regional WWTF Project. (Total is currently approximately $800,000 in unreimbursed costs.)
  3. Gray & Osborne, Inc. will provide 10 years of support services at the WWTF through November 2026 free of charge consisting of the following:
    • Three times per year assessment of settlement at the WWTF by G & O staff including survey of established monitoring points and field visits to assess current conditions. It will be mutually agreed when three times per year is no longer needed or necessary.
    • Design engineering services and construction administration services by G & O staff for any settlement related repairs identified.
  4. The Cities will provide a full release for all claims related to settlement to the WWTF site to HWA and Gray & Osborne, Inc.

Councilor Hall made a motion to accept the proposed settlement agreement as presented and authorize the Mayor to sign the agreement as needed. The motion was seconded by Councilor Neve. Vote: Ayes-5, Noes-0, Absent-0


Clerk/Treasurer Roberts briefly explained the 2016 budget amendments and noted that there was a worksheet included in their packet to help understand the amendments.

Councilor Hall made a motion to accept Ordinance #1519 – 2016 Budget Amendments with one reading only. The motion was seconded by Councilor Webber. Vote: Ayes-5, Noes-0, Absent-0



  • Councilor Hall mentioned to Police Chief Eastham that he had seen several pictures on Facebook of the “Shop with a Cop” event and he noticed a South Bend Officer he didn’t recognize. Police Chief Eastham advised that it was Patrick Jo who is a reserve officer. Councilor Hall asked if he was the provisional officer that would be filling in two days a week. Police Chief Eastham advised that no, Patrick Jo has a full time job and lives out of town. The provisional officer is Eric Fuller. Police Chief Eastham noted that he is down to only two reserve officers and both have full time jobs. It has become almost fiscally impossible to have reserve officers anymore with the cost of training which is now three days a week for five months and the additional tests required for hire.
  • City Supervisor Houk reported that Nova Contracting, Inc. has completed the restoration of Central Avenue as part of the Central Avenue Sewer Improvement Project. This was the last part of the project that the contractor had to do and it turned out well.
  • City Supervisor Houk explained that the crew recently had to pull a sewer pump at the bottom Harrison Street. The pump was completely clogged with baby wipes which caused the pump to burn up. The pump has been sent out for repair which will cost approximately $3,200.00. There were thousands upon thousands of wipes clogging this pump. It was agreed that the city needs to get information out to the citizens that baby wipes, even though it says they are flushable, they are not and they can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the city’s sewer pumps and system. Clerk/Treasurer Roberts advised she would work with City Supervisor Houk on a press release and get a message on the next water bill.
  • Clerk/Treasurer Roberts explained that she has been watching the garbage fund and she isn’t sure if she will need to do an interfund loan (from the HUD Fund to the Garbage Fund) at the end of the year to bring the fund into balance. Clerk/Treasurer Roberts asked the council if they would authorize her to do an interfund loan, if needed, at the end of year for just the amount needed to bring the fund into balance. Councilor Hall made a motion authorizing an interfund loan from the HUD Fund to the Garbage Fund, if needed, at the end of the year for the amount necessary to just bring the fund into balance. The motion was seconded by Councilor Olsen. Vote: Ayes-5, Noes-0, Absent-0
  • Mayor Struck explained that the building that housed the public restrooms near 1101 W. Robert Bush Drive was recently purchased by Sergio Merino (Tienda Mexicana Betzy, LLC). The city didn’t own the building, but had an agreement with the previous owner to maintain the restrooms. Once the building sold that agreement became void and Mayor Struck noted that the building is in pretty bad shape and is not something that the city would want to get involved in at this point. City Supervisor Houk advised the new owner that the city would no longer maintain the restrooms effective December 1, 2016.
  • Mayor Struck presented the council with a handout from the Association of Washington Cities that shows the Marijuana sales and tax revenues and how it continues to beat expectations. The 2016 initial tax forecast (2013) was $80.0 Million with a current tax forecast (2016) of $164.0 Million. Marijuana sales activity – total sales to date since July 8, 2014 is $1.89 Billion. The average daily sales is $4.4 million and the excise tax revenue to date since July 8, 2014 is $374.6 Million. Mayor Struck noted that her priority for 2017 is working with the Legislature on getting more of these tax dollars flowing back to the cities.
  • Mayor Struck ended her report by thanking Councilor Olsen for her service to the City of South Bend and wished her well in her new position as Pacific County Commissioner. It was agreed that she will do an outstanding job. Councilor Olsen was then presented with a bouquet of flowers and card.
  • Councilor Olsen admitted that she will miss coming to the council meetings, but that she hopes to get to a few of them as a County Commissioner. She also thanked both of the council candidates for stepping up and applying for her position.
  • Councilor Webber congratulated Councilor Olsen and told her she will miss having her on the council. She also thanked the candidates and congratulated Mr. Kuiken on his new positon!
  • Councilor Hall thought that the “Shop with a Cop” provides great PR for the police department and it was great seeing so many different uniforms [agencies] represented. Councilor Olsen agreed that it is a very neat program and often the only time some of those kids have an interaction with a police officer is under less than ideal circumstances so this is a great, positive event for everyone.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:26 PM to meet again at 5:30 PM on Monday, January 9, 2017 for the next regularly scheduled meeting at South Bend City Hall.