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4th Street Reconstruction

We are currently in the draft phase of the design for the $710,650 CDBG General Purpose Grant to reconstruct 4th Street between Pacific and Willapa Avenues. It is also slated for construction this summer. The project will result in improved vehicle and pedestrian safety and water service reliability. Major components of the project include reconstructing approximately 680 linear feet of roadway; adding an American Disabilities Act compliant sidewalk; and replacing the existing water main. The CDBG project will link to the completed Transportation Improvement Board project located on Willapa Avenue.

Funding Agency    AmountAction ItemsDate
CDBG $710,650 G&O finalize contract w/ City 1/14/2019
    DAHP decision (use Central Ave.) 1/11/2019
    Survey w/ Willapa Ave. 1/31/2019
    Complete Environmental Assessment 3/1/2019
    Design 4/1/2019
    Go to Bid 3/1/2020
    Construct next summer after Central Ave. construction 6/1/2020


Adams Street

As of now, the  $762,710 TIB (Transportation Improvement Board) Adams Street Project is still in the design phase of the project and is expected to go to constructions this summer. The project will provide a safe corridor for pedestrians to get from Hwy 101 to the South Bend school facilities.  Simultaneously, the roadway (with the averaged PCR score of 29 for the two segments to be replaced) will receive Cement Treated Base similar to that on the TIB funded First Street and Kendrick Street project. The project will include Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps and crossing bars, curb and gutters plus a 5’ sidewalk on the west side of Adams Street.

Cheney Ballfield Lighting

The City of South Bend was awarded a RCO Grant (Recreation and Conservation Office) for the amount of $330,000. With that, the very generous Cheney Foundation picked up a good portion of the match in the amount of $35,000 and the city put $25,000 with in-kind labor. The city of South Bend will use this grant to install LED lights at the newly renovated Cheney Field in downtown South Bend. The scope of this project is to install LED field lighting along with electrical upgrades and related work at the field. The primary recreational opportunity provided by this project is increased lighted baseball and softball use. Progress is happening on this project as well. The first week in March PanGeo will be on site for some soils engineering along with Cultural Resource Consultants (CRC), they will also be onsite during this exploratory drilling and monitor the activity. The on-site monitoring is an RCO requirement. Following approval of the Purchase Order from Musco, it will take Musco 45 days to factory construct the lighting and ship to the site.  Depending on the soil conditions, they expect it could take up to a week to install. We are hoping to have the Cheney Lighting Project complete this Spring.

Mary Rogers Pioneer Park

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Water Treatment Plant 

The City of South Bend was awarded a $3,000,000 US Department of Agriculture Rural Development loan and $750,000 Community Development Block Grant to help offset loan. The loan and grant will be used to upgrade and expand the City’s filter membrane water treatment plant. The plant, originally constructed 2000, produced approximately 864,000 gallons per day in 2018. Plant capacity will be expanded with the addition of a new filter rack, allowing for production to increase to 1.29 million gallons per day. The plant will also undergo a series of upgrades designed to improve plant efficiency and resiliency. Upgrades include but are not limited to pump replacements, membrane retrofits, and the integration of emergency backup power. Upon completion, the water treatment plant upgrades and expansion will allow the City to better meet the City’s municipal water needs in an effective and dependable manner.

Funding Agency    AmountAction ItemsDate
USDA RD $3,000,000  Membrane Procurement Bid 1/9/2019
    WTP Plans and Specifications Submitted to DOH 12/30/2019
    WTP Plans and Specifications Submitted to Funding Agencies 1/22/2020
    Bid Opening 4/15/2020
    Project Award 5/6/2020
    Contractor Begins Construction 6/15/2020
     Project Completion 12/1/2020 
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