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Mary Rogers Pioneer Park
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4th Street

CDBG $710,650 G&O finalize contract w/ City 1/14/2019
      DAHP decision (use Central Ave.) 1/11/2019
      Survey w/ Willapa Ave. 1/31/2019
      Complete Enviornmental Assessment 3/1/2019
      Design 4/1/2019
      Go to Bid 3/1/2020
      Construct next summer after Central Ave. construction 6/1/2020
Adams Street        
Water Treatment
USDA RD $3,000,000  Award Bid 1/9/2019
      Schedule to completion 2/1/2019
      WTP Plans and Specifications update 6/1/2019
      Go to Bid 8/1/2019
      Bid opening for WTP filter installation and upgrades 10/1/2019
      Construct 12/1/2019
 Cheney Ballfield Lighting        
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