The City of South Bend is seeking applicants for appointment to the City’s Planning Commission. The Commission may act as the research and fact finding agency of the city; make such surveys, analyses, researches, and reports as are generally requested by the city council; prepare for the adoption and enforcement of coordinated plans for the physical development of the City; and for the adoption and enforcement thereof by the City of South Bend’s City Council. If interested in serving as a member of the Commission, please submit a letter of interest to City of South Bend, PO Box 9, South Bend, WA 98586. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 7:30 am to 4 pm, phone number (360) 875-5571. Letters of interest will be accepted until filled.


The South Bend Planning Commission has prepared a draft update of the Shoreline Master Program (SMP) and it is now ready for your review!

The State of Washington adopted new rules for SMPs in 2003. These rules changed both the process and expanded the scope of SMPs. State law did not require the city to begin the update process until July 2013. The expected completion date will be around September 2016.

The City Council assigned the Planning Commission the task of preparing a draft update for citizen and council review. The Planning Commission began their work by facilitating a shoreline vision workshop, distributing a community survey, and holding numerous meetings to guide the plan’s development. A first draft Shoreline Master Program is now ready for your review.


How can you review the draft?

  • You can download a copy of the draft Shoreline Master Program HERE.
  • Review Summary of Requested Changes to April 13, 2016 Draft SMP HERE.
  • You can also find print copies of the plan at City Hall and the South Bend Library.


How do I provide the City with my comments on the draft?

The Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing on Monday, May 16, 2016 at 6:00 PM in the South Bend City Hall, 1102 W First Street. There are several ways to provide comments to the Planning Commission on the Shoreline Master Program draft:

  • You can send written comments to the Planning Commission by mailing or hand delivering them to:
    Shoreline Master Program Comments, South Bend City Hall, 1102 W. First Street, South Bend, WA 98586
  • Come and provide oral testimony at the public hearing.

All written comments must be received at City Hall by 4:00 PM, May 16, 2016, so the Planning Commission can consider them at the public hearing.


What happens next?

After the public hearing, the Planning Commission will consider all comments and make any changes to the draft, if necessary. They will then make a recommendation to the City Council regarding the adoption of the proposed draft.

The City Council will then study the Planning Commission’s recommendation and the draft. They, too, will hold a public hearing to take additional public comment and make additional changes, if necessary. Once the City Council is satisfied with a final draft, they will forward it to the Washington State Department of Ecology for review. The State will review the draft one last time to verify that it complies with state laws and regulations. Upon their approval of the draft, the City Council will be able to adopt it by ordinance and it will go into effect.


Want to know more?  Check out these pages:

Please visit this site often as we will be changing it frequently and adding more items as the planning process moves forward.


Questions? Contact Kim Porter at (360) 875-5571























Information resources for learning more about updating Shoreline Master Programs

These on-line resources contain information about the Shoreline Management Act, Shoreline Master Programs, and the state guidelines for completing them.  There are also links to other cities that have completed the process.  

Shoreline Management Act (SMA)

Shoreline Master Programs (SMP)

Shoreline Map Resources

Other Resources

























Important Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Documents

Preliminary Shoreline Jurisdiction Map and Report

This map shows the areas where the SMP will apply.

Public Participation Plan for the Shoreline Master Program Update

This document provides detail on how the City of South Bend will proceed with the SMP update process and how to involve citizens.

Second Preliminary Draft Shoreline Management Plan for Planning Commission Review – April 13, 2016

Shoreline Analysis Report for the City of South Bend – January 2015

Shoreline Restoration Plan for the City of South Bend – April 2015

Draft Cumulative Impacts Analysis, City of South Bend’s Shoreline Master Program – January 2016

Draft Shoreline Environment Designations Map